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We Support

Florida Public Media supports the network of public radio and television stations throughout the state.

Our stations work to engage their listeners and viewers with captivating programs and meaningful community events and initiatives.

Florida Public Broadcasting Educational Outreach

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Florida’s Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Program

Raising Readers Library Corners

Teach Conference

Sid the Science Kid Summer Program

SciGirls Science Camp

Super WHY Reading Camps

PBS Kids Writers Contest

Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

The Florida Radio Emergency Network (FPREN) is a partnership between FPM member public radio stations and the Florida Division of Emergency Management. It utilizes the state’s public radio outlets to share emergency information statewide through FM radio and battery-powered devices.

FPREN stations cover 99 percent of Florida. They are locally staffed and equipped to stay on the air during times of massive power outages. In the event of severe weather, the FPREN stations can provide recovery information for as long as necessary.

Most public radio stations are located between 88 and 92 MHz on the FM dial, making the stations easy to access all across the state. In the event of hurricane evacuations, signage on interstate highways will indicate the exact frequency of the public radio station in each area.

Another FPREN service is the FPREN Storm Center, currently operated by the University of Florida’s WUFT FM. The Storm Center enables each public radio station to provide detailed local weather forecasts and storm updates 24 hours a day during severe events. The format is designed specifically for radio listeners, using descriptive language for those who might not be able to view TV during a storm.

Florida Elections Production and Broadcast Partnerships

The Sunshine Edition: The 2015 Legislative Session. Miami’s WLRN hour long program on the 2015 legislative session can be found here: The Sunshine Edition: The 2015 Legislative Session

In the last gubernatorial race, FPM radio stations served as the radio partner, broadcasting the debates over the air. Click here for audio coverage from Miami’s WLRN: 2014 Governors Race

The 2006 Gubernatorial Debate, produced and broadcast in partnership with Florida Public Media, Leadership Florida and The Florida Press Association: 2006 Gubernatorial Debate

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